Mechanical Simulation in MATLAB®

AdaptroSimTM ANSYS®-MATLAB® Interface

The AdaptroSimTM ANSYS®-MATLAB® Interface combines the possibilities of the FE-tool ANSYS® with MATLAB/Simulink®. With the help of AdaptroSimTM ANSYS®-MATLAB® Interface Toolbox ANSYS® models can be reduced in various ways and co-simulations can be implemented. Specifically, the following options are available in the AdaptroSimTM ANSYS®-MATLAB® Interface:

  • ANSYS® Workbench wizard for creating reduced structural models
  • ANSYS® Classic routines for creating reduced structural models
  • Controlling the ANSYS® simulation from MATLAB® by using APDL Batch Controller and APDL script parametrizer, e.g. for optimization tasks.
  • The following binary ANSYS® files can be imported and processed in MATLAB®:      
      • Full : System matrices
      • RST: ANSYS® Results
      • SUB : System matrices of reduced models
      • TCMS : Transformation matrix reduced models
      • Mode : Modal data

  • Importing ANSYS® - SPMWRITE data
  • Model reduction Krylov subspace method in MATLAB®

Following blocks and functions from the AdaptroSimTM Ansys®-Matlab® Interface can be used:




ma_ansys Paket

ma_ansys.binary – Class representing general Ansys binary file

ma_ansys.full – Class representing Ansys *.full-Files Mapping of the degrees of freedom of the system

ma_ansys.cms – Class representing modal reduced model *.cms files

ma_ansys.modal_data – A wrapper class for Ansys modal results (*.rst)

ma_ansys.result – Class representing Ansys result *.rst files

ma_ansys.sub – Class representing Ansys *.sub substructure files

ma_ansys.mode – Class representing modal data from Ansys *.mode files

ma_ansys.tcms – Class representing the CMS transformration matrix *.tcms file

ma_ansys.AnsysFull – A wrapper class for ma_ansys.full implementing the ma_common. SecondOrderSystem interface

ma_ansys.AnsysModalResult – A wrapper class for ma_ansys.result implementing ma_common. ModalSolution

ma_ansys.AnsysResultData – A wrapper class for ma_ansys.result implementing ma_common.Signal Name of the result file

ma_ansys.AnsysSub – A wrapper class for ma_ansys.sub implementing the ma_common. SecondOrderSystem interface

ma_ansys.runAnsysScriptFile – Method to execute APDL-Code in Ansys from Matlab

ma_ansys.writeAnsysScript – Method to create and assemble APDL-Code from within Matlab

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