Mechanical Simulation in MATLAB®

Structure and Vibration

AdaptroSimTM Structure and Vibration has been created for the design and analysis of passive measures for vibration reduction.

settingsANSYS®-MATLAB® Interface

The AdaptroSimTM ANSYS®-MATLAB® Interface links the possibilities of the ANSYS® FE tools with those of MATLAB® / Simulink®.

Smart Structures

AdaptroSimTM Smart Structures provides the ability to simulate semi-active and active systems.

There are a variety of numerical possibilities in the MATLAB® and Simulink® simulation environment. For those simulation environments we offer various AdaptroSimTM solutions that allow you to set up and perform simulations easily and efficiently. These AdaptroSimTM solutions can be combined with all other available capabilities of MATLAB® and Simulink®. Our toolboxes can provide support in the following areas:

    • Analysis of structural dynamic behaviour
    • Vibration and noise control
    • Design of active systems
    • Model Reduction
    • ANSYS®-MATLAB® interface

AdaptroSim Schema en


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