Mechanical Simulation in MATLAB®

Vibration Analysis

We can assist you in the experimental analysis of your systems, when performing measurements for the model construction and the validation of their simulation results with experimental investigation.

We offer the following experimental analysis methods:

  •          Analysis in time and frequency domain (e.g. Fourier analysis, transfer behavior, filtering, modulation, order analysis, torsional, third octave analysis, psychoacoustics)
  •           Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) under artificial structure excitation , Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) and Operating Deflection Shape Analysis (ODS) on an actual basis stimulation
  •           Extensive analysis of vibration and acoustic noise emission
  •          Transfer Path Analysis (TPA) - Methods: stiffness matrix inversion, OTPA, OPAX
  •           Strain and deformation analysis including Visualization under static and dynamic load
  •           Localization of sound sources using the methods: sound intensity, Acoustic Near Field Holography, HELS - Helmholtz Equation Least Square, Near Field Focalisation, beamforming

 Therefore the following measuring equipments are available:

  •           Mobile, multi-channel measuring systems with 16, 40 and 64 analog channels for recording vibroacoustic metrics with LMS Test Lab® and LMS Test Xpress®
  •           1D and 3D laser scanning vibrometer for non-contact vibration measurement
  •           Camera measuring system for static and dynamic testing
  •           Data Loggers and FFT analyzers
  •           Acoustic Camera for localization of acoustic emissions
  •           Sound level meters, measurement microphones (20 kHz), 2 microphone arrayss
  •           Sound Intensity Probe
  •           Volume sound source
  •           Artificial Head Measurement System for measuring the sound as audible to a human ear
  •           Building Acoustics measurement system in accordance with DIN Standard
  •           More than 50 on or triaxial accelerometer (measuring range : 0 Hz to 20 kHz)
  •           Impulse hammers, electrodynamic shakers
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